This how you can make even better Baklava then classic Baklava, yet so simple to make but much juicier than regular Baklava.


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First, you cook Baklava sauce from 1l of water, 700g of sugar and half lemon, cooked sauce leave it in the fridge to cool.
You must always make first the sauce and cool so you can pour cold sauce over hot Baklava that is the rule if you want to make the best Baklava.


1.First, you put in one bowl walnuts, breadcrumbs, sugar(5tbl spoon) and mix them.

2.Then you use another bowl to melt butter and oil which you use for greasing phyllo dough for Baklava.

3.Take a pan that is for baklava and grease it with a mixture of butter and oil, put the first layer of phyllo and grease then two more layers but each one you grease with a mixture of oil and butter, then add the first layer of walnuts.

4.Cover the first layer of walnuts with two layers of phyllo that are also greased.

5.Continue all the way to the top of the pan by adding two greased layers of phyllo and between each double layer of phyllo you add walnuts.

6.For last layers, you leave three phyllo, first two you grease the last one you don't leave the last layer dry, then cut shapes that you wish triangles or cubes, the choice is yours.

7.Put Baklava in the already preheated oven at 160 degrees and bake for two hours, after two hours increase the temperature at 180 degrees and bake for 20 more minutes until you get golden yellow color.

8.When Baklava is baked you take cold premake sauce and start to pour over hot Baklava, pour all the way to the top until you cover all surface with sauce so that Baklava is drowned in sauce.

9.Press the Baklava with the same size pan and put something inside to make pressure on Baklava, for example, pour 1l water in
upper pan.

10.Leave overnight in the fridge and serve tomorrow.


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Te quedan:

15 minutos

Ingredientes 10 comensales

  • 1kg Walnuts
  • 5tbl spoon Breadcrumbs
  • 5tbl spoon sugar
  • 3dcl Oil
  • 500g Butter
  • 1kg Phyllo dough
  • 700g Sugar 2
  • Lemon 0,5 (half)


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